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Exercise Bloggers - Just Do It!
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April 2006
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  1. You need to have an exercise journal of your own that you've already used at some point.

    Note: If you've received an invitation to join the community it's fine to create a new (and obviously unused) exercise journal at that point. (We figure you'll start using it when you become active here!)

    Please Note: Though you're not expected to 'friend' the other exercise journals, you must add exercise_mod as a friend at your own exercise journal. Doing this allows our moderators to read your exercise journal -- including any 'friends only' filtered entries. Checking out your journal is how we determine whether or not this is the right community for you.

    Please be sure to mention the name of your exercise journal when you comment!

  2. There's no requirement for you update your exercise journal at any particular intervals, but naturally we encourage you to try and write in it as often as you can.

    We believe that keeping written records of your progress -- or lack of progress -- is a positive reinforcement for regular exercise!

  3. Flames (statements that attack an individual) aren't allowed here, but disagreements and intense discussions are fine!

    Keep it friendly and respectful, please.

  4. We're here to encourage each other in our exercise efforts. Sometimes a good 'kick in the butt' works great -- other days cyber hugs are just what we need.

    Members here should expect healthy doses of both!

  5. Are you thin-skinned? Be honest from the beginning and admit this, please!

    We expect everyone here to be open to constructive comments. (If this doesn't work for you, you might want to consider a different community...)

  6. No one way is the 'only' or 'best' way to exercise! What works for one person may not work for another.

    In other words, it's cool to share your ideas, but not cool to insist others try what you've shared.

  7. Please use the lj-cut tag.

    That means when posting links, sharing large photos (anything over 200 x 200 pixels in size), when your entry is really, really long and so on.

    Note: If you don't do this, you can expect a moderator to delete your entry without warning.

  8. If you plan to post naked images, please WARN outside the cut. (All naked images should be behind a cut, please.) Because we're dealing with exercise and weight loss, it's possible someone might want to post a naked image. (We're not requesting or expecting it, but we thought we'd err on the safe side!)

  9. If you have questions, feel free to post and ask!
Don't forget! You need to comment to this entry in order to join.

Thanks for reading!

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